Dave's Dew System (Updated 6/25/17)

Dave's Dew System - DDS 2000

A system used to keep dew from forming on your camera when imaging the night sky.

Check out the YouTube video posted by our own Uncle Ron Shawley.

Click on Uncle Ron's picture to see the video.

Update 6/25/17

Although this was done as a tongue in cheek infomercial type thing it really is about an idea that works if you are putting a camera out for capturing night sky images or for meteors.  The premise is the same as what they use large fans for in fruit orchards when heavy frost is expected.  Dew/frost only forms when the air is still, therefore, the fans keep the air moving around the fruit trees to keep the frost from forming.  I adapted this idea to the problem of dew/frost on my meteor cameras.  By placing a fan blowing across the lens I keep all dew/frost off the lens all night long.  Last winter I had a very good example of this when I came out in the morning and heavy frost covered everything, the deck, the mount, the table which held the fan, but not the camera or lens.  In fact, anywhere the moving air hit was frost free.  Unfortunately, I didn't stop to think about taking photos to show this and we never got another frost like that.

Skip ahead to this past week and I got another opportunity to show that this idea will work.  I retrieved my meteor shots from the night before and saw that the dew was very heavy and decide to take some photos.  the results are below...

To show the heaviness of the dew on the mount, fan table and deck rail.

The camera setup...

A closeup of the camera and lens.  Notice the lack of dew

If you look closely on the right you can see the dew sitting on the top of the mount.  It's out of focus because I was concentrating on getting the lens.

You can laugh at this system if you want, but those who have used it will tell you it works.  It doesn't work for telescopes and if you are worried that the moving air will disturb the image, it doesn't.  So if you take any night sky photography from your backyard and have access to power for a fan...give it a shot.  It's cheaper than dew heaters.😎

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  1. I see a problem with the ventilator and dew at the ventilator itself outside the air stream and electrical safety?