Deep Sky Images 2017 (Updated 10/18/17)


M57 The Ring Nebula taken earlier this week through a StellarVue 130mm f7 refractor with a Canon 60Da DSLR.  A short stack of 3 minute exposures uncropped.  Mount was a Hypertuned CGX.


M27 The Dumbbell Nebula.  130mm StellarVue with FF/FR to make it an f5.6.  Mount was a CGX and the camera was a Canon 60 Da.  10 min total of exposures.

Again, M27 this time through an Edge 9.25 using the Canon 60 Da.  Very bright sky tonight due to 1 day past Full Moon.  This is a stack of multiple 2 minute exposures.  Mount was a CGX.


North American Nebula imaged with a Williams Optics 81mm 5 element refractor with a 60mm APO StellarVue refractor on top as a guide scope. Guider was a ZWO ASI120MM-S camera on top of a Hypertuned CGX mount using a Canon 60Da. 5 exposures of 8 minutes each with dark frames removed, Stacked in Nebulosity 4 and refined in PS C.C. and PhotoDirector.  Trying to bring out the red nebulosity and got slightly carried away.  A bit over processed in red, but not bad.

Update 9/27/17

Working on refining my technique with widefield and my new plug in for PS C.C. Pro Digital Software's Astro Flat Pro.

Star Trails 10/18/17

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