Solar System Images 2017(Updated 5/17/18)


The Sun with one sunspot.  Meade 4" SCT with a Thousand Oaks solar filter using a Canon 60Da at 400 ISO and 1/640 exposure.


The lone sunspot from the other day now has company.  I used the same equipment as above, but processed it in a gray scale to show the sunspots better.


Today's Sun taken with a Lunt 80 mm Solar Scope and a ZWO ASI120MC-S camera.

Moon 4/4/17 taken through my Meade 4 inch with a Canon 60 Da.  Astack of 5 exp.

Sunspot cluster on 4/2/17.  Taken through a Lunt 80mm Ha scope with a ZWO ASI120mm-S camera.


Comet Johnson 7th magnitude.  One 90 sec exposure with a Canon 60Da, ISO of 1600 and a StellarVue 130mm f5.6 refractor.

Small Gif of the movement of Comet Johnson over a span of 9 minutes.  Three exposures of 90 secs each and a dark frame of equal length for each.  You may have to watch more than once because it is so short.  I wasn't thinking of doing this when I took the images­čśÇ.

Comet Johnson GIF

Update 8/8/17

Today's Sun with one sunspot.

Update 8/9/17

Taken with a 80mm Lunt Solar Scope and a SkyRis monochrome camera.  Image shows surface granulations and nice prominence.


Harvest Moon

Tonight's Moon captured with a 1 minute video taken with a ZWO ASI290MM camera and using SharpCap as the capture program and stacked in AutoStakkert2. Scope was a StellarVue 100mm Quad. I filmed the top, middle and then the bottom and stitched them together in PS C.C. Refined in the wavelets section of Registax 6.1

Update 12/1/17

Moon images shot with a Edge 9.25 and a ZWO ASI120MM-S.

Crater Copernicus

Crater Plato and the Lunar Alpine Valley

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