The Great American "Partial" Eclipse (Updated 8/12/17)

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On 8/21/17 The Great American Eclipse will occur.  those lucky enough to travel or live where totality will occur will have a great view.  Most of us will not be that lucky, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to SAFELY view the Great American "Partial" Eclipse.  Here at Boyertown, Pa we will see about a 75% coverage at it's peak.  Today I was determining what I was going to do.  I will be doing stills and making a time lapse, but today was practice filming with my Williams Optics 81mm 5 element refractor checking out if the field of view was appropriate and seeing what kind of movie my Canon 60 Da would supply.  Mount is a Hypertuned CGX.  I believe the FOV was perfect for my purpose so I ran a test run of 4 minutes.  The links below will take you to my YouTube channel.  The first one will be a condensed version of the movie(1'4" in length) and the second link is the full slightly over 4 minute movie.  I used CyberLink to add the titles, music and the condensing.

Eclipse Practice Uncondensed

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