Time Lapses(Updated 6/7/18)

Time lapse of Circum-Polar stars.  These stars were photographed and the time lapse was made by me.  The view is NE from Boyertown, Pa.

Link to time lapse

Time lapse Christmas night 2016

Link to time lapse

Link to time lapse

Time lapse from last night taken from a hill overlooking Boyertown, Pa. Clouds, planes, the Moon, Jupiter, the Big Dipper and even an iridium flare towards the end located low just above the trees just right of center.

Time Lapse 3/3/17

Summer Triangle rising before dawnTime Lapse 3/21/17

Time Lapse 3/6/17

Stars, Clouds and an Iridium Flare

Time Lapse 3/21/17

Time Lapse of Thunderstorm 4/29/17

Tstorm time lapse

Strawberry Moon Short Movie

Time Lapse with a long trail meteor, but look quick.  It shows in the first 3-4 secs.


Fireball just before Dawn 11/23/17

Done with a Canon T6i and CyberLink Power Director.


My friends were sitting out and called me to see if I had my camera going to see if I captured it.  Look low left to the right of the tree right after the car lights light up the tree.


Time Lapse using ZWO ASI290MC camera 


T5i and 5,8 Lensbaby Fisheye lens as an all sky camera

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