Solar Images(Updated 9/5/17)

Image showing sunspots, phlage and a large filament

Sun image showing granulations and prominences.

The Sun on 10/7/16 showing several sunspots, but very quiet and stable for now.

Close up of the sunspot on 10/7/16.

Mercury transit from earlier this year.  Mercury is the little black dot toward the right.  The black lines are solar filaments lines of plasma that could break loose and shoot outward into space.

While imaging the sun today I caught the elusive Solar Red Tail Hawk!( Got to have some fun.)


Sun surface and prominences showing today.  Taken with a Lunt 80mm Solar scope and a ZWO ASI120MM-S camera.

Sunspot coming around from the backside of the Sun.  Scope was a Lunt 80mm and a QHY camera.

Solar  prominence with Canon 60Da DSLR

Movie: Sunspots and Prominences

Update 9/5/17

Taken with an 80mm Lunt double stack solar scope and a SkyRis 236M camera.

Same scope, but with a ZWO ASI120MM-S camera.

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