Weather Photos(Updated 5/17/18)

Thunderstorm east of Boyertown, Pa.

Same storm as above.

Wall cloud north of Boyertown, Pa.

Cover Photo Plus Some from Boyertown, Pa.




A brilliant sunset brought on due to the fact of the influence of nearby Hurricane Hermine.

Rainbow Lightning

Time lapse of Tstorm north of Boyertown, Pa during the summer of 2016.  Time lapse shows a wall cloud and possible funnel.  Link is to YouTube.

Link for time lapse

Lightning from 4/29/17

Thunderstorm 6/30/17

Highly electrified.  Put on quite a show.

This was a 55 minute video of the storm compressed down into 3 min and 12 secs.  Neat cloud movement in the beginning and lightning with a few bolts throughout.  Done with a DAK Sports Cam.

Tstorm 6/30/17 Boyertown, Pa. 

Stacked images from last night

This one is without the bright, overexposed one.

Update 8/3/17

Photos taken during a highly electrified storm near Kutztown, Pa.  I was 20 miles away from this storm and the anvil crawlers were going over my head and house.



Update 9/6/17

Update 5/17/18

Lightning imaged form a severe thunderstorm at Boyertown, Pa. on 5/15/18.

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